Conserving Water in North American Mills

Conserving Water in North American Mills

All pulp and paper mills in North America use and treat water in accordance with comprehensive environmental permits.

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.@SappiNA uses water responsibly – 93% of the water they use is returned to its original source
Wednesday, November 4, 2015 - 8:30am

CAMPAIGN: Sustainability Report 2014

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Sappi's North American mills use only surface water sources (rivers and lakes) and return treated water to the same primary source. (At Cloquet, we return the water to a publicly owned treatment facility, where it goes through additional purification and is then returned to Lake Superior.) We returned almost 93 percent of the water we used, creating a minimal water footprint. Water that is “consumed” in our operations is primarily made up of water lost to the environment due to evaporation during the paper drying process and a small amount of moisture contained in our finished products. While our water consumption was slightly higher in 2014, TSS improved and BOD was on par with last year.

Read the full Sappi North America Sustainability Report 2014 by downloading an online PDF version directly from our website here or for more on sustainability, check out our eQ microsite at:

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