Cindy Ortega: Earth Day is a Time to Reflect

Cindy Ortega: Earth Day is a Time to Reflect

MGMThink sits down with Chief Sustainability Officer Cindy Ortega to discuss the significance of Earth Day.
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.@MGMThink speaks with Cindy Ortega, @mgmresortsintl Chief Sustainability Officer, on the significance of #EarthDay

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Cindy Ortega, MGM Resorts Chief Sustainability Officer

Friday, April 22, 2016 - 6:00am

MGMThink: What is Earth Day and why is it important to MGM Resorts International? 

Cindy Ortega: Virtually all of the things we enjoy in life require the use of natural resources. Earth Day is about taking a moment to reflect upon that, and to understand that, as the world’s population continues to develop and grow, so does the demand for the earth’s resources. Ultimately, it is our responsibility to conserve them. 

For MGM Resorts, Earth Day gives us an opportunity to renew our commitment to protecting our planet’s natural resources and the environment. It starts with who we are as a company and how we see ourselves as a leader. It is important for us to demonstrate our commitment through tangible and measurable initiatives designed to reduce MGM Resorts International’s overall demand on the eco-system. 

MGMThink: What kinds of things can people and businesses do to be sustainable?

Cindy Ortega: The idea of being green can often feel unapproachable to some people. But it is actually very easy. One of the most impactful things you can do is to be mindful of waste. Look at the world around us and all the different ways that we don’t fully use something. Do we waste water? Do we waste electricity? What do we throw away? Make a point to be mindful and strategic about what you consume in an average day and consider the impact that your actions have on the environment.

MGMThink: What are some of the ways MGM Resorts works to steward the Earth’s precious resources through sustainability initiatives?

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