"Catch the Wave" and Recycle your Surfboards

"Catch the Wave" and Recycle your Surfboards

So look for a recycling surfboard drop off in your neighborhood
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Monday, January 11, 2010 - 1:50pm


Melissa McGinnis and GreenopolisTV encourage surfers to "Catch the Wave" and recycle their surfboards. If your surfboard breaks, if you are moving on to another one or you just don't use it anymore you can now recycle it. It's important to keep the bulky polyurethane boards out of landfills so look for a recycling surfboard drop off in your neighborhood. In San Diego for example the Miramar Recycling Center will take your broken boards for free. A lot of surf shops are drop off points for broken board collection and some life guard stations are also taking in your retired board. If the boards in good shape they are often being donated to the boys and girls club for re-use! If being recycled the foam from the boards are used as filler in asphalt, concrete for roads and light-weight fireproof roof tiles. If purchasing a board look for those made from recycled content which are currently on the market with 60% recycled content in them, with the goal being 75 - 80 recycled content. This creates a huge shift in conserving resources during the manufacturing process, which today produces around 750,000 boards a year. "Catch the Wave" and RECYCLE!

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