Carnivorous Plant Inspires Sustainable Mosquito-Control Device

Carnivorous Plant Inspires Sustainable Mosquito-Control Device

By Stephen D'Angelo

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One of eight finalist teams in the #Biomimicry Global Design Challenge comes from the College of Human Ecology @Cornell They are working on a nature-inpsired mosquito-control device. @BiomimicryInst @AskNatureTweets


Nature-inspired mosquito-control device from Cornell team is finalist in the Biomimicry Global Design Challenge.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018 - 10:30am

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Cornell researchers are biting back at deadly mosquito-borne illnesses, using nature’s own tricks.

A team in the College of Human Ecology is a winner in a global competition that asked innovators to create radically sustainable environmental solutions inspired by the natural world. The Cornell team created a mosquito-control device that functions like a carnivorous plant.
The device, dubbed the UPod, was inspired by the carnivorous Utricularia vulgarisor common bladderwort plant, which creates a water vacuum through its trap bladders by pumping water out and sucking in small insect prey in the blink of an eye.
Read the full story in the Cornell Chronicle.


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