Zero Waste Blog

Zero Waste Blog

A decade ago, Zero Waste was not a term common in business vernacular. But today, it's a business iimperative. RecycleMatch blogs weekly on our Zero Waste Blog, pulling stories from today's headlines as well as insights from customers and leaders from businesses and communities tackling zero waste goals.


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What Do You Think About Our New RecycleMatch Website?
The new site launched and the press has been incredibly positive, there are hundreds of tweets, likes, and LinkedIn mentions.  However, now the most important test is underway….what do you, our customers, think? We hope that you notice and experience that over the last year we have done a lot of listening.  As we prepared the new site, we met with large manufacturing companies,...
Feb 15, 2011 2:18 PM ET
The Yin and Yang of Trash
In a conversation with a design executive at PopTech, I realized the inner truth that lies within our dumpsters. Yes, I mean the big bins tucked out of sight behind your office building or loading dock. None of us like delving into our dark sides, existentially or physically . But, like the Yin and Yang of trash, you must push through the dark to get to the burst of innovation and "light" we...
Jan 11, 2011 12:25 PM ET


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