Safe Enough for Our Families

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Safe Enough for Our Families

Everything at Goldcorp is built around family. The women and men who work for the company, and the families they go home to every night. It's why Goldcorp is so committed to creating a workplace, and a culture, that is safe enough for our families.

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Peñasquito’s Predictive System Monitors Fatigue
Fatigue, readiness and sleep health have become a critical component of health and safety in the workplace.  Fatigue is often invisible and difficult to predict, and it is among the most complex risks workers face today. Effective fatigue and readiness management require more than simply measuring the prior night’s sleep. Goldcorp’s Peñasquito mine is staying alert to the risk of...
Apr 4, 2019 6:30 AM ET
Sharpening Skills at the Mine Rescue Summit
At Goldcorp, we’re proud to have highly trained Mine Rescue and Surface Emergency Response Teams at our mining operations, ready for any emergency that might arise. Thankfully, these rarely occur; but at the same time, how can response teams stay at the top of their game if they’re hardly ever activated? Although each mine’s emergency responders receive regularly scheduled training to...
Sep 20, 2018 5:15 AM ET
Talking Safety and Health with Peter Calnan, Vice President, Safety and Health
Safety and health are at the forefront of everything we do as a company. From the minute details of daily operations, to the grand scale of our global organization, we are constantly thinking about safety, how it impacts our people, how it impacts the mining industry internationally, and how we can do safety better. We spoke with our own Peter Calnan, VP of Safety and Health, to talk about our...
Sep 19, 2018 5:05 AM ET
Musselwhite’s Digital Fleet Management System Improves Safety, Communication and Productivity
After years of relying on a manual paper-based system and radio communications to relay vital information to underground equipment operators, Ontario’s Musselwhite mine recently implemented a digital fleet management system for underground vehicle dispatch that helped improve productivity and enhanced safety. “The previous process was very static,” admitted Neil Moloney, Manager,...
May 22, 2018 7:00 PM ET
Éléonore Recognized for 2016 Safety Record
Goldcorp employees understand that safety standards are in place for everyone’s protection, and each employee is personally accountable. Goldcorp’s Éléonore mine has been recognised for its outstanding safety record in the 2016 calendar year with the John T. Ryan National Safety Trophy for Metal Mines. The award is in recognition of the Éléonore mine who achieved 2,592,938 hours worked during...
May 5, 2017 12:25 PM ET