Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health | Healthy Lives Mission

Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health | Healthy Lives Mission

At Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health, our mission is total health, driven by science. We're committed to help people live their healthiest lives and we understand that to thrive, people need healthy places to live, work and play. ​

That is why we've set an ambitious agenda to advance human health while also protect our environment: 

  • We’re tackling preventable diseases through education and partnerships, starting with smoking cessation and preventable skin cancers, because prevention is the healthiest choice. ​
  • We're improving product transparency, beginning with ingredients, so our consumers have the information they need when choosing health products for themselves and their loved ones. ​
  • And, because healthy lives demand a healthy planet, we're reducing our impact on the natural environment by reducing the amount of plastic we use, using more recycled materials, making our packaging easier to recycle or reuse, and powering more of our operations with renewable energy.​

By 2030, we are investing $800 million to achieve our mission. Our 19,000 employees are committed and empowered. We are rethinking how we do business, encouraging experimentation and embedding game-changing behaviors in everything we do. ​

When people choose our brands, they choose a healthier today and a healthier tomorrow. 

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