CSR Blogs

CSR Blogs

If only sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) were simple and easy to execute. On the contrary, their very complexity is shifting and shaping the current and global professional landscape. And with these changes come a host of new questions, a bevy of new challenges, countless creative successes, and even more demoralizing failures as businesses, nonprofits, governments, and individuals attempt to embrace sustainability and CSR on both the professional and personal levels.

In this everchanging space, Justmeans Staff writers use their knowledge and expertise to bring you the leading stories and facts to help readers stay current on all these issues. As the business world continues to grapple with sustainability and CSR, Justmeans will continue to write about it.

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IBM Helps Rio de Janeiro To Become More Sustainable
SmarterCities Rio, a forum hosted by's IBM's CEO Samuel J. Palmisano earlier this week, examined ways on how governments and business leaders can tackle serious urban issues and improve the quality of life of their citizens. Rio is a classic example of how unsustainable growth has...
Nov 11, 2011 4:45 PM ET
Social Enterprise Facilitates Online Micro-loans for Small Entrepreneurs
Kiva is a unique social enterprise that enables small entrepreneurs in more than 60 countries to receive microfinancing online. Kiva promotes the idea of online giving by allowing Internet users to offer micro-loans of as little as $25 to small businesses around the world. Kiva.org was founded by Premal Shah, who used his experience as a former principal product manager at the...
Nov 10, 2011 2:19 PM ET
Alaska Airlines Takes Off With Sustainable Fuel
The aviation industry is often singled out as one of the major sources of carbon emissions. In order to mitigate its impact on the environment, individual airlines are looking for cleaner, sustainable fuels to get their planes off the ground. Alaska Airlines is one of the companies trying out sustainable jet fuel. The company...
Nov 9, 2011 1:17 PM ET
Social Innovation: Can Apple become a Solar Game Changer?
There are rumours that Apple wants to embrace social innovation and build a big solar farm to power its newly built, $1 billion data centre in North Carolina, and that it will reshape the land to make it more suitable for solar panels. The late Steve Jobs said he wanted to make the North Carolina centre "as eco-friendly...
Nov 8, 2011 12:34 PM ET
Dr. John Wiebe: An Exclusive Justmeans Q&A
Leading up to the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD), aka Rio+20, which plans to set the global sustainability agenda for the next decade, was last month's UN Environment Programme...
Nov 7, 2011 3:26 PM ET