A Better “Story of Stuff”

A Better “Story of Stuff”

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A different view of "The Story of Stuff." Via @Greenopolis http://3bl.me/k4rxcd
Saturday, May 1, 2010 - 9:30am


Annie Leonard took the system to task for our consumption addiction in her powerful video "The Story of Stuff," and rightfully so in many ways. Most of us use far more “stuff” than we need.

But Ma Nature consumes continually year in and year out, and it doesn't seem to cause any problems. In fact it's the source of living systems. What goes around comes around again and again. Life eats life and emerges as new life, over and over again. There’s a big difference between using a leaf to make a new leaf and burying a water bottle in a landfill or tossing it in the ocean. To comment on this story, visit the original post. 

What we are doing with the Greenopolis Recycling kiosks is mimicking Ma Nature, and changing the “story of stuff” into a story of resources. I'm not just a consumer when I bring back my bottles and cans to a Greenopolis Recycling Kiosk or PepsiCo Dream Machine; I'm a supplier of raw materials. I'm helping avoid another trip to the oil well or landfill, and bringing the raw materials back for the next generation of product. In doing so I’m serving the same role in nature as all the critters who consume the fallen fruit, leaves, branches and bodies of other creatures and transform it back onto raw materials for new growth. This is called renewal or regeneration.

So as we begin to bring back millions, and eventually billions of plastic bottles and aluminum cans, in Greenopolis Recycling Kiosks or Dream Machines, it’s not about the Pepsi Generation; it’s all about RE-Generation! 

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