Is the BP disaster a disaster for the Sustainability / CSR sector in general?

Is the BP disaster a disaster for the Sustainability / CSR sector in general?

Or is this just one stand-alone example of corporate malpractice?
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#BP – a disaster for the #Sustainability / #CSR sector in general?


This post titled: 'BP - a disaster for the Sustainability / CSR sector in general' asks a very important question. Can companies like BP get away with ruining the environment and still be considered a responsible business? The clear answer is: NO.

Thursday, July 1, 2010 - 1:00pm


Everything in the CSR / Sustainability world at the moment seems to evolve around BP and its action/inactions to fix the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. I am not doing any BP bashing here today. I am only using the current BP oil spill disaster in todays post as an example that CSR needs to evolve beyond its environmental aspects and the attention for detail by its practitioners.

This is my main argument in this post: Best practice such as the latest trend of integrated report, use of social media, etc. are steps in the right direction in my opinion but we need to increase the speed of the adoption of a more responsible business practice across the board within business in your local area and region.

The BP example has shown that big business will not act responsibly if it can get away with it. We therefore need to start at the local level to convince businesses to demand a more responsible business practice from all their businesses they are involved with. Customers and suppliers. Sustainability / CSR starts at the micro level and with clear guidance and support from a governmental level as I argued in my previous post.

This might sound very general and broad but it seems to me that we as Sustainability / CSR professionals are being caught up in the nitty gritty details of working with CSR / Sustainability far to easily and are somehow loosing the view of the big picture and the main purpose of this practice: To champion Sustainability / CSR and to help organizations in the transition to adopt a more responsible business practice.

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