AABY Lets Your Pet Give Back By Recycling Pet Supplies

AABY Lets Your Pet Give Back By Recycling Pet Supplies

The AABY Thrift Store is just like any other thrift store with one exception, it’s just for animals!
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010 - 12:54pm


It’s always a good idea to donate your gently used items to a charitable organization. But have you ever considered donating you used pet supplies to a local thrift store or directly to your local animal shelter?

After our sweet Bubu The Pug passed away, I took most of his things down to the AABY Thrift Store, which accepts donation exclusively for pets. And now that we have Newton the pug-puppy, I have donated even more. Newton tires of toys quickly and has -- until recently -- outgrown his harness at least once a month, so...

AABY stands for “Animals Always Believe in You.” It’s a profound and simple truth. No matter how bad things get at work, school or home, your pet doesn’t know and doesn’t care. Pets give unconditional love, endless joy, and of course...free methane.

Anyway, The AABY Foundation (the group behind the AABY Thrift Store) was conceived to collect funds to build a shelter here in my local community. Before AABY came along, the closest one was 30 miles away (that’s 210 in doggy miles!)

AABY is a store dedicated to providing supplies and funds to our local animal shelter, but the AABY Foundation also provides pet adoption services and low-cost medical treatment for animals in our community.

So if you have any gently used pet supplies, you might consider donating them to your local shelter. Animal shelters run on razor thin budgets and are always in need of towels, blankets and bedding, toys, food bowls and pet food, and even any unused or unopened pet meds like heart worm preventative.

Recycling isn’t just for humans, so let your furry friends get in on the act. After all, why should people be the only one’s giving back? Pets want to recycle and do their part, too.

Find more info about donating to a shelter at Suite101.com

Make a donation to The AABY Foundation.

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