75% of Companies List Productivity and Skills as the Primary Driver for Hiring Women in Saudi Arabia, Indicated by Recent AccountAbility and Glowork Study

75% of Companies List Productivity and Skills as the Primary Driver for Hiring Women in Saudi Arabia, Indicated by Recent AccountAbility and Glowork Study

AccountAbility and Glowork study explores current practices to support the development of women to leadership roles in Saudi Arabia
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.@AAInsights and @Glowork study indicates that 75% of companies in KSA hire women for productivity and skills: https://tinyurl.com/ydywgbh5

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Thursday, June 8, 2017 - 9:00am

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NEW YORK, and LONDON, June 08, 2017 /3BL Media/ - 75% of Saudi companies believe that the productivity and skills available with Saudi women is the primary driver for hiring women in Saudi Arabia, indicated a recent study published by AccountAbility and Glowork. The study investigates women's contribution in Leadership and Management in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and has been sponsored by "Our Youth our Future" program and the Royal Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Riyadh.

Both organizations have performed an in-depth analysis, researching – what happens once women are employed? The study analyses the female employment rate in the Kingdom and emphasizes that women should be allowed to thrive and advance in their chosen career fields, to align to the government commitments in the 2030 vision of Saudi Arabia which looks at an increase of Saudi women in leadership roles.

The research was based on a wide range of data collection, to provide practical recommendations for both public and private sectors, along with case studies highlighting success stories from companies with leading practices in promoting women in the workforce.

The main focus of AccountAbility and Glowork while conducting the research was to understand the current situation of women's career advancement opportunities both in the Kingdom and globally, identify, analyze current as well as future barriers including opportunities for female career improvement, and, lastly, provide practical and strategic policy recommendations for employers and policymakers to support women in management and leadership.

The report findings indicate several positive developments with regards to women employment and development in management and leadership positions, with companies increasingly realizing the benefits of investing in an inclusive culture and workforce.

However, the numbers still show room for improvement. While 50% of survey participants report that women make up more than 15% of their workforce, an underrepresentation of women in management and leadership positions is evident, as 50% of survey participants also have less than 1% of women in leadership roles. This aligns with the National Labor Force Survey that illustrates that 3.2% of employed Saudi women reach management positions.

The researchers further investigated the drivers behind the employment of women. Diversity and inclusion motivations appear to be why most organizations support women advancement into management and leadership positions; this was a driver for more 42% of participants.

With regard to existing structures to help women advance into senior positions, companies are increasingly providing professional development structures for female employees, with business travel opportunities and formal management training and development implemented by close to 59% of the survey participants. The study findings indicate the potential for further development of agile policies for women, as well as structures that allow balance between personal and professional life.

The study is considered as a strong foundation and a reference tool on which future research can build on. “We are proud to release this study jointly with our partners said Khalid Alkhudair the CEO of Glowork. It comes at a time where women are strongly competing for leadership positions and in line with the government’s vision. This study will assist the private sector in their decision making going forward when it comes to inclusion and hopefully women at the board levels.” David Pritchett the Global Head of Research at AccountAbility echoed these thoughts, “we have seen evidence of a strong momentum in the Kingdom with regard to improving gender equality in management and leadership roles. I’m excited to follow the further progress over the next five years as companies experience tangible benefit and value from female management”.   


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