2010: An [Eco]space Odyssey

2010: An [Eco]space Odyssey

"Ecospace™: Architecture, Naturally"
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Friday, April 16, 2010 - 10:57am


It's a space. That's customizable and compact. And sustainable. These are avant-garde, extensible living quarters called Ecospace studios by Ecospace ™. The company started about 10 years ago when a group of young, eco-conscious, financially grounded, artistically-inclined folks got together to form an architectural design firm. As put elegantly on its site, "Our philosophy was to provide a flexible modular building that could be simply tailored, reconfigured or extended and applied to a diverse range of uses and building types. We tested the first prototype in 2002, and since then many Ecospace projects have been completed. We focus on creating architectural solutions that not only respond sensitively to the site and the environment, but also to our client's requirements." 

I think these places/spaces are awesome. While sustainability is a key issue to consider when purchasing accessories in life, let's be honest, many of us still care about the way things look visually. And Ecospaces defy beauty with their sleek and modern ambience. The London-based firm pops these buildings out in about 12 weeks from start to finish and uses Modern Methods of Construction (MMC). 

A list of green goodness:

- Up on the Roof: Even the roofs are green--literally. Roof options include 1) a garden roof to help insulate and add longevity to the roof itself 2) the eco-friendly German Bauder Thermoplan or 3) the contemporary timber clad roof.

-All Walled in: Multi-layered and made of cedar, these sustainable wall structures have natural oils to keep them looking fabulous for years. According to Ecospace, the lifespan of cedar is about 90 years, but "to be doubly sure, [they] add a breather membrane and ventilation between the core and the outer skin of the wall to prevent decay completely." Need your own recording studio? No problem. Ecospace offers a finish on the walls that can be selected to maximize acoustics.

- The View: Using Scandinavian high performance pine windows provides extra extra insulation and great strength.

- Inside & Out: To form a holistic and flowing look between the walls, windows, ceilings and doors, the company uses premium birch wood interiors. And the floors? Well they use Freedenberg floorings, which are "wear-resistant rubber , naturally sourced minerals; eco-compatible colour pigments and come in a range of modern colour options. And, as they fit so seamlessly against the internal birch walls, you could say they're flawless." [To see a view of the inside of these houses, click here.]

- Ice Ice Baby: Apparently, not much heating is needed because the insulation on the windows and roof is just that good, but Ecospace can also provide an under-floor heating system with a digital timer. Other optional forms of heating include air-sourced heat pumps, bio-mass stoves and mini wind turbines.

In a nutshell: Ecospaces are made from sustainable and renewable sources. They are energy efficient. Conserve space and resources. And are aesthetically very pleasing. The crew itself is young, spirited, eco at heart and seem like they'd be willing to customize the majority of a client's desires (e.g., you want renewable energy alternatives like photovoltaic solar panels...done). And I am obsessed with the tone of their site--which is enough reason in itself to become a customer :). Perhaps one day I will actually have land space to build one of these encapsulated beauties.

Images and quotes from ecospacestudios.com

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