'Tis the Season to Be Working for Good

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'Tis the Season to Be Working for Good

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Inspirational gift for aspiring young entrepreneurs & changemakers who want to make a difference while making a living.http://3bl.me/4vd7rk


Ten years ago the annual NetImpact conference attracted a few hundred attendees.  Last week the 2009 NetImpact Conference at Cornell University attracted 2,600 attendees (mostly MBA students) from 28 countries to explore the theme of Advancing Sustainable Global Enterprise. Conference hosts, keynoters, panelists, and fellow participants challenged each other to explore the edges of radical innovation to create companies that address pressing social and environmental issues, while serving society through the way they conduct business as much as through their products and services. A new season and sea change is at hand, as young entrepreneurs, MBA students, and professionals aspire to be Working for Good.

Thursday, November 19, 2009 - 6:00pm
(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) Out of the ashes of financial crisis, undermined trust, and tattered reputation, a new approach to building and operating companies is emerging, with deep roots and bountiful fruits. With precedents in centenarian companies like Johnson & Johnson and Avon, who have had deep purpose, value creation for multiple stakeholders, and social responsibility baked into their DNA and manifested through their actions for more than 120 years each, and a new generation of companies, such as Whole Foods Market, The Container Store, Patagonia, among many others, companies in the Working for Good movement recognize that business is a human enterprise – built of, by, and for people – and cultivate businesses that deeply reflect this reality.
“We envision a world in which human beings live in peace and sustainable relationship with each other and our environment, and in which the creative capacity of all human beings is activated and they are continually increasing the expression of their unique genius in ways that contribute to the greater good. We see Working for Good companies as a catalyst for realizing this vision,” observes Jeff Klein, author of Working for Good: Making a Difference While Making a Living and co-founder of the Working for Good Collaborative. His book is an indispensable guide for entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, students, and other change makers who want to cultivate the skills and understanding to build Working for Good companies.

“Jeff Klein, one of the earliest champions of Conscious Capitalism, offers a highly practical yet profoundly intuitive blueprint for achieving your purpose—and making a difference at work. You will return to Working for Good again and again. It belongs on your desk and in your heart.”
~ Patricia Aburdene, author Megatrends 2010: The Rise of Conscious Capitalism

“A valuable resource....Jeff Klein has provided a model that will allow readers to live their lives and their work authentically, passionately, and ethically.”
~ Timothy L. Fort, PhD, JD, Executive Director, Institute for Corporate Responsibility, George Washington University School of Business
“In the new business paradigm, which manages for positive outcomes for all stakeholders, bringing your best self into the workplace is critical for individual, team, and business success. Jeff Klein's insightful book makes remarkable use of story and guided reflections to provide readers with insights on how to uncover one's best self and help co-create businesses where everyone flourishes.”
~ John Mackey, Chairman & CEO of Whole Foods Market
“Great companies are built by exceptional people—and by ordinary people doing exceptional things. Working for Good provides insights, inspiration, and tools for cultivating the skills to do exceptional things in service to your business and the greater good.”
~ Chip Conley, Founder & CEO of Joie de Vivre & author of PEAK: How Great Companies Get Their Mojo from Maslow
“When you live in love and let your mind support your heart, then good things happen. Similarly, when business expresses itself in a heart-felt way, then business has the potential to truly create good. Jeff Klein's book shows us how it can be and is being done in our world today. Jeff talks the talk and walks the walk-he knows what it is to feel good, be good, and do good.”
~ Kartar Khalsa, CEO Golden Temple Natural Foods, makers of Yogi Tea and Peace Cereal
About Jeff Klein: As CEO of Cause Alliance Marketing, Klein designs and facilitates collaborative cause-related marketing programs. Jeff is a co-founder and director of the Conscious Capitalism Alliance and recently co-produced and hosted the 2009 Catalyzing Conscious Capitalism Summit at The Crossings in Austin, Texas. His is co-founder of the Working for Good Collaborative, and is facilitating a Cause Alliance Marketing program for O.N.E. Natural Experience to increase awareness of the health benefits of coconut water and to drive the use of coconut water in the place of other, less healthy beverages.
Jeff was one of the visionaries and driving forces behind Private Music, the career of Yanni, Spinning, Seeds of Change, and ChiRunning, and has consulted for the Esalen Institute, the National Geographic Society, GlobalGiving, the Institute of Noetic Sciences, among others.

Jeff wrote Working for Good: Making a Difference While Making a Living to support conscious entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, leaders, and change agents at work.


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