A Tale of Two Showerheads

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A Tale of Two Showerheads

Fatter Drops Make for a More Satisfying (Yet Water Conscious) Shower
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 Greenspiration Home publisher, Trish Holder, compares two WaterSense™ labeled showerheads and discovers that "fat is where it's at" when it comes to water droplets.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011 - 5:00pm


By Trish Holder 

Now that the world knows about my bathing habits, I might as well dish a little about my showering habits. I mean, as long as we are all sharing, right?

We built the Greenspiration Home with all low flow showerheads. In the master bath we opted for a premium head – one that offers a bit more coverage than the one we installed in the upstairs bath. It was larger in diameter and delivered what I would consider a sufficient shower experience. You could adjust the head for wider diameter body coverage, but not without the loss of some pressure. Or, you could adjust the head for a more powerful yet narrower stream. I typically used the latter setting to get all the shampoo out. I preferred the larger, softer stream for body washing – especially in the winter because it keeps more of your body warm.

My husband and I were satisfied with this showerhead. To put this in perspective for those who have limited low flow shower experience, I’ve had showers in hotels that were far worse – trust me. It wasn’t a luxurious shower experience, but then again, I don’t shower for luxury or recreation. I like to “get in and get out” and I’d just as soon waste less water in the process. This showerhead let me do that. 

Fatter Drops = A More Satisfying Shower

We lived with this showerhead for about two years. Then, while at Greenbuild last year, I met with Delta Faucet’s public relations firm, who suggested I try a shower with Delta’s proprietary H2Okinetic Technology®. (Yes, they sent it to me for free. No, I did not promise I would write good things about it in exchange.)

After living with this new shower for almost a year now, I will admit for the benefit of my readers that this new showerhead does in fact offer better shower experience. Is it “knock-me-off-my-feet-and-wrap-me-up-with-a-warm-cozy-towel” better? Not exactly, but I do like it better and so does the rest of my family.

Both the new and old showerheads meet EPA WaterSense™ standards, but the H2Okinetic®Technology actually makes less feel like more. The drops are actually fatter, and therefore hit you with a more satisfying ”splat.”  Even though it uses slightly less water (1.5 gallons per minute) than our previous showerhead (1.75 gallons per minute), you feel like you’re being hit with more water at slightly more pressure.

Clearly, there are people out there who don’t share my offense to water waste. Some are inclined to install not just one but multiple showerhead fixtures to simultaneously spray them from all angles at once. Either way, I can’t imagine this showerhead being a disappointment. That is, unless you’re accustomed to showering in Niagara Falls.

Here’s something else. Low flow showerheads in my home make me enjoy those rare luxury shower experiences in a nice hotel a lot more – something that makes a vacation feel a little more like a vacation. I suppose that’s the perk of moderation. I hear it also works with wine and chocolate, but someone else can write that blog…


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