Socially Responsible Business Supports South African Women

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Socially Responsible Business Supports South African Women

Elegant Roots Profile of Nadine Storyk Curtis
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Elegant Roots Tues Tracts, new blog post: Supporting S.African #women collective, Be Sweet, a #socent biz #eco #green

Summary is a socially responsible gift boutique offering the up-style creations of eco and socially conscious artisans and designers. Elegant Roots makes it Personal by telling the Story of every artisan/designer and product, and the visions for People and Planet they reflect. Elegant Roots supports the transparency movement; we inform so purchases may be aligned with values. Buy less but buy better. Make it meaningful. And we deliver it all in exquisite, eco-conscious gift wrap.

Each week, in Elegant Roots' Tuesday Tracts, we will recognize one of the artisans/designers whose creations grace the pages of our website. We think you'll find the stories worthy of notice.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009 - 8:30am


Today Elegant Roots ( launches a new weekly blog feature, its Tuesday Tracts, by profiling Nadine Storyk Curtis who creates sustainable improvements in the lives of many women. Plaudits to Nadine. And welcome to you to the first of our series on people who deploy the power of socially responsible business.

Be Sweet is a company that exists to do good. Founded to build; to support. Is it ironic, or thoroughly expected that the impetus for it was an act of an altogether opposite cast?

Nadine Storyk Curtis and her husband were married in late August 2001, she from Northern California and he from South Africa. They were living in the States, but savored a dream to live someday in South Africa. On September 11, 2001, Nadine's father was scheduled on United Airlines Flight 93 from Newark to San Francisco. He did not board that flight on 9/11. But that tragedy and the personal near-miss helped Nadine realize the importance of living life to the fullest.  Within months they had packed up their life together and moved to Cape Town, South Africa.

In Cape Town, Nadine was enthralled with the mix of cultures in the area and fell in love with the beautiful handcrafted textiles created by women’s empowerment groups. She began to look into the whole process of mohair textiles. She wanted to help support these worthwhile endeavors and Be Sweet was born to tap the power of ethical business and her spirit of social entrepreneurship. to continue reading