Need help planning your fall events or campaigns?

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Need help planning your fall events or campaigns?

CHARM your attendees and your event will live on!
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The July Charity Connection: Fall Events and Campaigns -


CEO/Founder of Charity Charms, Kay McDonald offers her ideas on how giving back to your attendees can really benefit your cause.

Friday, July 9, 2010 - 9:30am


Charms To Change The World

July is an important planning month for your upcoming Fall campaigns. As you work with your committees and boards take some time to think about the impact your campaign or event will have before, during, and after it is over. A well run event or campaign has many facets and you want to make sure all your bases are covered.

As you strategize on the venue, theme, décor, marketing, financial goals, etc. don’t forget the all important MEMENTO. Whether you are planning a walk or a gala, an event memento that the attendees can take away brands the occasion, and keeps people talking about it long after the event is over.

Charity Charms specializes in creating meaningful logo products that people WANT to wear and use. Charms give the wearer a chance to show the world, via their wrist, what they are passionate about. This passion will be shared with others again and again…thus spreading the word about your organization and event or campaign throughout the year.

In the last five years we have enjoyed working with hundreds of organizations (charities, schools, and businesses) crafting beautiful charms to make their events extra special. Once the Charm design is created we can shrink it down to make earrings, children’s charms, and ball markers, or blow it up to become an ornament, paperweight, or keychain. Give us YOUR idea and let us help you make your FALL 2010 venue the most memorable ever!

Kay McDonald
CEO, Charity Charms, 800.615.3120,