McKesson's Employees Bring Environmental Sustainability to Life, Realizing Cost Savings

McKesson's Employees Bring Environmental Sustainability to Life, Realizing Cost Savings

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Learn about environmental initiatives at McKesson directly from the employees who do it!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009 - 8:00am

Either through company-sponsored Environmental Councils or through their everyday jobs, McKesson employees are helping the company to reduce its environmental impact and deliver cost savings. In the company's 2008-2009 Corporate Citizenship Report, McKesson features stories that demonstrate the company's commitment to environmental sustainability.

McKesson's Environmental Councils

In 2008, McKesson formally launched a network of McKesson Environmental Councils. What began as a pilot program in 2006 in the San Francisco location has expanded into a group of company-sponsored Environmental Councils around the world. By the end of Fiscal Year 2009, 12 McKesson Environmental Councils tackled sustainability projects such as the following:

  • Installing projectors in conference rooms to reduce the need for printed materials

  • De-lamping efforts to take advantage of natural light and reduce energy consumption

  • Hosting environmental fairs to help educate employees about local environmental resources

  • Organizing local volunteer events such as beach clean-ups

At the end of Fiscal Year 2009, eight months after the company began tracking their financial impacts, the McKesson Environmental Councils were responsible for projects that resulted in nearly $100,000 in savings.

Individual Employee Efforts

Also detailed in the company's 2008-2009 Corporate Citizenship Report are examples of indivdiual employees whose work contributes to McKesson's environmental sustainability strategy, including:

  • Clayton Crawford, head of McKesson's facilities operations, explains the company's approach to solar and other alternative energy technology. 

  • John Foley and Tommy Morris's initiative, through which McKesson is able to recycle more than 100,000 lbs. of plastic pill bottles annually.

  • Vince Manno's reusable packaging innovation saves McKesson approximately $17,000 each year.

  • Julia Rexin and Dean Wetherbee's work to launch the "Eco-InterQual" campaign, offering customers a more environmentally friendly product.

  • Yoichi Miyazaki's work as part of McKesson's corporate procurement team, which helps guide employees to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.