McKesson Leads Collaborative Effort for Safe Access to Health Records

McKesson Leads Collaborative Effort for Safe Access to Health Records

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Healthcare company McKesson supports IT mechanisms to protect patient data:
Monday, November 23, 2009 - 8:00am

In 2008, McKesson joined the Executive Council of the Health Information Trust Alliance, also known as HITRUST, a multi-stakeholder initiative consisting of healthcare companies, government officials and non-governmental organizations. The goal of this group is to create protocols and systems that allow safe and protected access to health records in order to make more informed healthcare decisions.

In early 2009, HITRUST released the Common Security Framework, a security control standard developed for healthcare information. For the first time ever, healthcare IT professionals can enter and maintain patient data using a prescriptive set of certifiable and scalable standards.

HITRUST is dedicated to refining the Common Security Framework and coordinating with government officials to implement and build awareness of the standards. Moreover, the group is working to educate and train professionals on their importance.

As a company that provides healthcare connectivity solutions, McKesson is proud to take a leadership role in HITRUST. In our role as an Executive Council member of this important group, we will continue to work with HITRUST to develop tools that will help protect private health information and reduce the risk of security breaches.