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Green innovation is better for the environment and for cutting costs in your day to day business


Avoid Greenwashing and earn the respect of your community and your customers as an authentically Green business that lives the Green program rather than faking it. Going Green is very popular, but find a reputable firm to validate your Green status is an important decision.

Thursday, October 29, 2009 - 1:00pm

CONTENT: Press Release

(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) We have entered a new period of environmental awareness. The right to assert a Green business status is not the same as brushing on a new coat of green paint. Unfortunately, there are simply too many companies claiming to be a Green business without actually earning their right to be a certified Green business. The idea of an authentically Green business demands that the aspiring Green business literally earn the Green credential through a process that has clear standards and compliance options rather than a mere Internet logo purchase.

Consider the hard issues that we presently face. World population is predicted to swell to nine billion people by 2025, our resources are reaching their limits, and we have abused the land, water, and air for decades. These mistakes have come back to haunt us, and they have the potential of destroying us and the generations after us. Knowing this, Greenwashing is one of the worst decisions that a company can make, and people will resent every business who plays this game.

The Green Business League has set an industry standard when it comes to Green business, and their 100 point system allows everyone to participate. Moreover, the process is all-inclusive. you need not own the building or offer a product to get involved. You need only make a commitment to installing basic Green practices in your daily operation.

One of the big mistakes to avoid is the attempt to Greenwash your business or product by making claims of environmental compliance that are not honest or part of your business operation. Like trying to pretend that you are a chess master as a chess tournament, those who understand Green will eventually learn that you are mocking an issue that is very serious to the rest of us. This is the kind of mistake that will cost businesses heavily. The best advice is to be authentically Green, but do not Greenwash.

An authentic type of Green business is one that have the Green practices at work in its daily operation as well as what it promotes to others. We have all heard it said that, "If you talk the talk, then you should walk the walk." While this seems to be good and practical advice, it is lost on many marketing efforts. Unfortunately, the truth is often the first casualty in the marketing business. Yet, there is a desire for truthfulness by all consumers because they are the ones hoping for a better world.

Credible Green claims need to be backed by actual Green practices that are implemented in the daily operation of the business. When a business actually functions as a Green business, the dynamics change. Environmentalism requires universal participation rather than doing only the minimum required to make a Green claim. Since most people has limited knowledge on the subject, it is best to get the assistance of a certified Green consultant. The added benefits is a better Greening project, Green certification, and your business will save thousands of dollars in the process.

Authentically Green is not only the intelligent way to Go Green, it is also the best marketing option available to any business. It will attract those that are environmentally loyal because they will travel the extra mile and spend the extra dollar because they believe in the cause. To attract more customers and keep them coming, it pays to be an authentically Green business.

The Green Business League offers insight and certification of nearly any business at a reasonable price that makes the process easy. Acquiring the assistance of a Certified Green Consultant to supply insight and certification that will be respected by clients, community, and other Green businesses. Going Green is the best choice in a day of far too much Greenwashing.