GE Foundation-Supported Program Helps Prevent Postoperative Infections at Ugandan Health Facility

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GE Foundation-Supported Program Helps Prevent Postoperative Infections at Ugandan Health Facility

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#GE Foundation-Supported Program Helps Prevent #Postoperative Infections at #Ugandan Health Facility.


With the help of GE Foundation, which has a history of supporting preventitive health programs, the levels of disease and infection have dramatically decreased in the Kabuyanda Health Center of Uganda. The Standards-Based Management and Recognition (SBM-R) system was effective in assisting the development of safer health practices and a safer environment. In only two years, the hospital’s operating room infection rate decreased from 30–40% to almost 0%. All of the processes have been assessed and improved to ensure the highest level of medical sanitation.


Monday, June 6, 2011 - 10:00am

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Dismayed by the incidence of post-surgery sepsis among patients, especially following cesarean sections, Dr. Martin Buhamizo and a team of co-workers set out to rid the operating room and maternity ward of infection. They received a powerful assist from a General Electric Foundation-funded quality assurance project that has a record of preventing infection and saving lives.

Pioneered by Jhpiego, the Standards-Based Management and Recognition (SBM-R) approach offered Dr. Buhamizo a systematic and innovative way to improve conditions at the Kabuyanda Health Center IV, a government-owned facility that serves a sub-district of about 200,000 Ugandans. Through SBM-R, Dr. Buhamizo and his infection control team have developed standards of care, identified gaps in services and devised solutions to the problems. In two years, the hospital’s operating room infection rate fell to nearly zero from about 30–40 percent, Dr. Buhamizo said. The team’s use of SBM-R earned the facility recognition as the best in quality assurance improvements.

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