Fund Raising Story - How GivingBands® helped raise $4000 for the search for Aubrey Sacco

Fund Raising Story - How GivingBands® helped raise $4000 for the search for Aubrey Sacco

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How GivingBands® by @charitycharms helped raise $4000 for the search for Aubrey Sacco

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Aubrey Sacco went missing in Nepal while trekking. The Sacco family needs support in getting Hillary Clinton's assistance to persuade agency action in Nepal. Read how one friend of the family and GivingBands® has helped raise $4000 for the cause.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010 - 2:20pm


We recently had the opportunity to make a GivingBand® for a unique program. We were approached by a loyal customer who wanted to help her friend find her missing cousin. We are happy that the campaign has been able to help raise funds. Here is the story:

"The dragonfly bracelets were created as a symbol of hope, way to raise awareness, and funds to support the search for Aubrey Sacco, 23 year old University of Colorado graduate who went missing in Nepal on April 20, 2010. So far, we have raised almost $4,000 from dragonfly bracelet sales. Her website is, and you can also visit her Facebook page, where you can get more details about Aubrey and her search, and help donate. It's big!

I wanted to do this because Aubrey's cousin is a close friend of mine and when I heard about her going missing, I wanted to do something to help lift people's spirits and raise money to help find her. I had been a fan of Charity Charms and loved the concept so I wrote an email telling them my idea to create this bracelet to sell and they helped me turn it into a reality.

I have yet to meet Aubrey but feel like I know her because of her free fun loving spirit and the massive amount of people who do know her and love her so much! The bracelets were my way to let her and her family know that I'm pulling for her to come home and hope others will catch on and do the same."

- Jessica Hinton

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