CSR Minute: Global Banking Alliance for Women's 9th Summit; Green Mountain Coffee Roasters' Success Dilemma

CSR Minute: Global Banking Alliance for Women's 9th Summit; Green Mountain Coffee Roasters' Success Dilemma

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CSR Minute: 1/6/10 - Global Banking Alliance for Women; Green Mountain Coffee Roasters' Dilemma http://3bl.me/artf59

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010 - 1:08pm


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CSR Minute headlines for Wednesday, January 6th

The 9th Annual Summit of the Global Banking Alliance for Women, held recently in Singapore, has found that innovative financial institutions are driving women’s business growth with a two-part program of targeted loans and business training. While noting that the economic downturn has hurt women-owned-and-operated businesses particularly hard, the Alliance also concluded that many financial institutions are working hard to help. The 9th Annual Summit, hosted by Standard Chartered, convened financial organizations from Asia, Africa, North America, Europe, and Australia. The Global Banking Alliance for Women is a global nonprofit whose mission to support the growth of women in business. 

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc., is dealing with a business success story—and an environmental dilemma. The socially and environmentally responsible Vermont company which handles many fair trade coffees and distributes the Ecotainer compostable coffee cup, now owns Keurig, the original single-cup brewing system. Last year, Keuric generated $420 million dollars in revenue, growing three times as fast as Green Mountain’s core buisness. The problem? The Keurig’s “K-Cups” are made of totally nonrecyclable plastic and foil. Keurig is working hard to develop a recyclable cup from new materials.

Global Alliance for Women: www.gawh.org

The story: www.auto-mobi.info/index.php

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters: www.greenmountaincoffee.com/

The story: http://3bl.me/33kwq8