CA World Preview: Tesco Session on Driving Down IT Energy Costs and Reducing Carbon Footprints

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CA World Preview: Tesco Session on Driving Down IT Energy Costs and Reducing Carbon Footprints

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010 - 6:45pm

CAMPAIGN: CA World '10: Energy and Sustainability


At CA World 2010, many of CA’s customers will take the stage to share their insights, implementation stories and best practices.  In the Energy & Sustainability track, we’re fortunate to have James NcNulty of Tesco joining us for a special session with Terrence Clark, who heads up CA ecoSoftware.  Visit the online agenda builder to add the session “Tesco: Unleashing the Power of ecoSoftware to Drive Down IT Energy Costs & Reduce Carbon Footprint,” to your schedule on Wednesday, May 19th at 2:30pm.
In this interactive session, you'll learn how the UK's biggest retailer and the world's third largest grocery retailer is using CA ecoSoftware to help fulfill its long-term commitment to drive down carbon emissions across its global operations. With more than 4,000 locations across 14 countries, the task of accounting for carbon emissions is time-consuming and complex. Learn how the organization is using CA’s technology today to help increase the efficiency, speed and accuracy of its carbon accounting process.

Based on ambitious targets announced in 2007 using 2006 as a baseline, Tesco plans to halve emissions from existing buildings by 2020; halve distribution emissions of each case of goods delivered by 2012; and halve emissions from new stores by 2020. The company has already halved its energy use per square foot in its UK stores and is diverting 100 percent of waste from its UK business away from landfill, achieving this target almost a year ahead of schedule.

For additional information on the Energy & Sustainability focus area at CA World 2010, visit our topic page here.

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