Birebireba Partners Select Theme Song Winner for Radio Drama

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Birebireba Partners Select Theme Song Winner for Radio Drama

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Listen to new Biribireba theme song from contest hosted by @PCIMediaImpact and partners:
Friday, October 21, 2011 - 10:49am

CAMPAIGN: Biribireba


Listen to Biribireba’s theme song!
Biribireba is the newest radio soap opera promoting sustainable development in coastal Ghana. Like all dramas, Biribireba is filled with intrigue, corruption, temptation, chaos and love.  Unlike many dramas,Biribireba is infused with important social and environmental messages.  Each episode of the drama will broadcast inside of a talk show designed to promote listener feedback and comments on the environmental themes.  Listeners will also be invited to participate in several community fairs, including a cook-off between local women and soccer games for youth.  The drama is a way to role model the behavior changes promoted in the larger program, and the community fairs and competitions help to engage listeners. 
Listen to the program’s catchy theme song while you can!  Soon community members will compete to compose and record a new theme song for the drama as a way to promote their engagement and ownership of the program and its messages.  
Biribireba is only one part of a larger sustainable development program, Hɛn MpoanoHɛn Mpoano, meaning Our Coast in the local language Fante, is a five-year program funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) executed in partnership with the Coastal Resources Center (CRC) of the University of Rhode Island, PCI-Media Impact through SustainaMetrix, Friends of the Nation Ghana and the World Fish Center. Listen to Biribireba’s theme song!



Lindsey Wahlstrom
PCI-Media Impact