Accelerating the Conscious Capitalism and Working for Good Movements at the 2009 Net Impact Conference, with Jeff Klein

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Accelerating the Conscious Capitalism and Working for Good Movements at the 2009 Net Impact Conference, with Jeff Klein

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Jeff Klein of Conscious Capitalism Alliance on "Working for Good."

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There’s a movement stirring on college campuses, at business schools, in entrepreneurs’ hearts, in C-Suites, and even corporate boardrooms. It is called Conscious Capitalism. Jeff Klein will bring the message of Conscious Capitalism to the NetImpact Conference through a panel on the Social Responsibility as a Marketing Tool and a book signing and conversation with conference attendees about Working for Good: Making a Difference While Making a Living. 

Monday, November 9, 2009 - 9:00am
(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) SAN FRANCISCO, November 9, 2009 – ‘The time is now and we are the ones called upon to make a difference while making a living,” claims Jeff Klein, President of the Conscious Capitalism Alliance and author of Working for Good: Making a Difference While Making a Living, the week of the 2009 NetImpact Conference at Ithaca College. “NetImpact members and conscious MBA students are important members of the emerging movement to create healthier, more sustainable businesses, that serve all of their stakeholders and the greater good.”
In that spirit, the MBA Oath begins with these words: “As a manager, my purpose is to serve the greater good by bringing people and resources together to create value that no single individual can create alone. Therefore I will seek a course that enhances the value my enterprise can create for society over the long term.” (See 
According to Klein, “The increasing acceptance of the MBA oath is a powerful indication of the shift in perspective on the role of business in society and our responsibility for creating conscious businesses. The Oath addresses the themes of integrity, authenticity, service, sustainability, accountability, and more. It is deeply aligned with the principles of conscious business that we are articulating and promoting through the Conscious Capitalism Alliance, which are Deeper Purpose, Value Creation for all Stakeholders, and Servant or Conscious Leadership, all of which I address in Working for Good.”
Klein wrote his new book, Working for Good: Making a Difference While Making a Living, to support conscious entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, leaders, and change agents at work to develop the skills of awareness, embodiment, connection, collaboration, and integration, which are essential to conceiving and creating conscious businesses and to working together in conscious teams.
“Young people today are seeking for meaning and purpose in the work and their lives. They demand that the companies that they buy from, work for, and otherwise engage with are responsible citizens and serve society beyond the value of their products and services, My colleagues on the Working for Good team and I want to inspire and support young entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to pursue their passion for making a difference in the world while making a good living, and we provide them with models and tools for doing so.”

About Jeff Klein: As CEO of Cause Alliance Marketing, Klein designs and facilitates collaborative cause-related marketing programs. He currently serves as President of the Conscious Capitalism Alliance—an organization dedicated to “liberating the entrepreneurial spirit for good” co-founded by John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods Market. In this role, he recently produced and hosted the 2009 Catalyzing Conscious Capitalism Summit at The Crossings in Austin, Texas.
Jeff was one of the visionaries and driving forces behind Private Music, the career of Yanni, Spinning, Seeds of Change, and ChiRunning, and has consulted for the Esalen Institute, the National Geographic Society, GlobalGiving, the Institute of Noetic Sciences, among others.
He is currently creating a Cause Alliance Marketing program for O.N.E. Natural Experience to increase awareness of the health benefits of coconut water and to drive the use of coconut water in the place of other, less healthy beverages.
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