2011 Drought Prompts Texas Homeowner to Build A Rainwater Storage System

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2011 Drought Prompts Texas Homeowner to Build A Rainwater Storage System

A Homeowner-to-Homeowner Interview About Harvesting Rainwater
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Homeowner built rainwater storage system

Tuesday, March 6, 2012 - 1:00am



An Interview by Brad Kunkel, Greenspiration Home Contributor

My friend, Larry Kinder, who lives in Waco, Texas, is an avid gardener and landscaper.  Larry’s gardening activities were severely hampered last year by his area’s worst drought in over half a century.  He decided to install a rainwater storage system to help with the problem.  I decided to interview Larry about his experiences and offered to share it here on Greenspiration Home.  Hopefully Larry’s experience will give you a “leg up” on your own rainwater storage endeavors!

Brad: Larry, you had a very hot, dry summer last year in Texas…how did that impact your personal home water usage and consumption?

Larry: Actually I stopped watering altogether.  I didn’t have my rainwater system in place for last winter’s rainfall. My idea was to see what survived.  These survivors will be drought-tolerant plants, which I’ll use in my landscape.

Brad: What gave you the idea to build your water storage system?

Larry: Seeing all the “wasted” rainwater flowing off my carport roof—storms turn it into a mini Niagara Falls.

Brad: How have your neighbors reacted to the system?

Larry: If I don’t show it to folks, they don’t even know it’s there.

Brad: OK, so how did you construct your storage system?

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