3BL Media Welcomes New Members and Subscribers

3BL Media Welcomes New Members and Subscribers

Wednesday, June 3, 2009 - 1:55am

CONTENT: Press Release

There are critical issues being talked about right now by some of the best minds in CSR:

- What is the future of CSR during a budget-cutting time?

- Can pricey sustainability efforts survive a cost-cutting recession?

- Does cause marketing justify its cost with actual results?

- Will philanthropy find a way to continue despite portfolio losses?

- What is the proper balance between profits and ethics in business?

- Can social media effectively convey business information and news?


Welcome to 3BL Media!

We are a dedicated team of business professionals, activists, and technology experts who are passionately committed to the triple bottom line - people, planet and profit.

During our years as leaders in the CSR space, we’ve seen first hand that the principles of corporate social responsibility and sustainability are best advanced through effective communications - communications that we’ll be bringing you using the most cutting-edge web technologies and social media.

Until recently, CSR and sustainability news was carried by newsletters, wire services, and corporate announcements. The audience was US —green workers, activists, corporate executives, visionaries, and environmentalists working in progressive business and NGOs to put ideas into action. We worked through chat rooms, email, and shareware. We were small in numbers but powerful in influence. But now, New Media gives us the opportunity to bring CSR campaigns, sustainability initiatives, and cause marketing practices to a world-wide audience, one which is, in these critical times, more than eager to take part in creating a better future.

At 3BL Media, we take a leading role in this dialogue, using the power of integrated social media for a serious purpose: to shape the debate that will decide our future.

Please join us in the conversation: