Which Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Where?

Which Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Where?

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Dr. Ory Zik, Founder & CEO of Energy Points

Why Source Energy Matters

Thursday, March 6, 2014 - 9:20am

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Two decades ago companies thought of their energy supply as a given. They did not control it and could at most negotiate the price. About a decade ago they started to seriously control their consumption (demand side) doing demand response activities and focusing on efficiency projects that conserved site energy. Projects with the best payback ranged from LED lighting to building management systems. With the transformation in the energy industry and the understanding that energy supply is critical for their operations, companies are looking to control their energy supply chain i.e. to decide what resources they buy from the local utilities and what resources they generate themselves. Typical distributed energy resource (DER) projects include: solar, cogeneration, storage, and full microgrids—all of which have a longer payback, but significant added-value for sustainability and risk reduction. There are a range of new realities driving the trend towards distributed energy. These complex and data intensive decisions are driven by a desire for strategic long-term energy resilience within an organization and less by a tactical ‘payback’ mindset. But for many organizations one question remains: which DER projects are best suited where?

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Dr. Ory Zik, Founder & CEO of Energy Points @oryzik

Ory holds a Ph.D. in physics and founded and led a few companies (QuantomiX, HelioFocus). A longtime proponent and creator of clean technologies, he founded Energy Points when he realized the world needed a better, more accurate way to evaluate and understand energy use.