Watch this week's episode of educational soap opera "Magic Touch"

Watch this week's episode of educational soap opera "Magic Touch"



PCI Media Impact, a non-profit organization specializing in the use of Entertainment Education to promote social change, premiers their Ecuadorian serial drama, "Toque Magico (Magic Touch)", every Wednesday on both YouTube and Facebook.  

Magic Touch was first broadcast in 2008 to promote youth awareness of gender equality and assist in the cultural elimination of inequity and prevention of violence against women.



Chapter XIII: My fault, my fault…all my fault

Educational topic: The Right to Demand Rights

Magdalena’s death brings a new energy of change to “The Magic Kingdom.” The witches come together to defend the right for who decides, like Magdalena, to choose life. Micala leads them because she has learned from her mother’s experience. Barbi also managed to express a dismissal of her parents’ distrust and prejudices, while the school authorities attempt to evade their responsibilities. 


"Being the voice of Dictionary is super cool but much effort is needed because, for example, the workshops and training were very early. Regardless, playing this role is a great experience. I know that my work is helping to win respect for people. Transmitting the "Magic Touch" radio drama in our magazine sparked community interest and helped us to gain listener interaction such as doing competitions, starting discussions and receiving telephone calls and text messages from listeners who wanted to learn more." - David Anchundia, Member of the Ponte Once Network

Wednesday, August 19, 2009 - 10:00am

CAMPAIGN: "Magic Touch"

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