VIDEO: Develop a Plan on How to Improve Building Processes

VIDEO: Develop a Plan on How to Improve Building Processes

The BASF HP+ Consultative Solution

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BASF Building Science, Building the Future

Wednesday, January 27, 2016 - 6:00am

CAMPAIGN: Building Science

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The multidisciplinary team of building scientists, architects, engineers and sustainable construction experts at BASF's Center for Building Excellence is using chemistry as the catalyst for more energy-efficient, durable and comfortable construction. Through our HP+ Consultative Solutions, we’re bringing their expert insight directly to you, connecting you to a wealth of knowledge about beyond code methods and more. 

BASF engages with builders to first learn how they build homes before working collaboratively to develop a forward plan on how to improve building processes, regardless of the building program they may follow. The plan is very prescriptive and cares for process improvements, training and more. The result is tighter construction in your residential projects, with fresh air ventilation, improved thermal performance, right-sized mechanicals, greater moisture management, increased combustion safety and more.

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