The True Cost of Fast Fashion

The True Cost of Fast Fashion

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014 - 3:00pm



In the middle of a conversation with film director Andrew Morgan, you suddenly find yourself standing on your feet, completely ready to radically change your lifestyle and consider the consequences of your consumption choices.  Ironically, I thought I had already considered my choices. My attitude going into this interview was just to tell the story of the upcoming film, True Cost, so that others would be moved to change. Wow, did I eat a big piece of humble pie.

“There are two paths given to people. One is incredibly funded and marketed, a world of access and consumption which denies the reality of the world. I’m going to choose to open my eyes [to the other path]. When I wake up and I realize for no choice of my own that I was born into a culture with the greatest amount of wealth and influence, that I’m standing among the wealthiest, most educated people and at the same time there is more inequality and injustice and suffering than ever before… I want my life’s work, I want to spin the narrative in new way. There’s a story happening on this planet and it's so exciting that to sit on the sidelines and just consume- let’s make that the odd thing. Let’s make that the pathetic thing.”

Morgan reminded me how I’m connected to the billions of people living on less than two dollars a day.

“Growing up in the States, I had the experience where everything [I consumed] was abstract. My parents did white collar work. We didn’t live in a home we had made. Everything I consumed across board came from somewhere else from someone else. Until a shockingly recent time, I never questioned that. What’s happening for me, and probably for you, Julie, is that there’s a growing number of people saying,

‘Why are the human rights and dignity of others around the world, these things we hold so dearly locally, why in a globally-aware world would I think any differently? Why would I think it’s so removed?’

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Julie Fahnestock - Julie is passionate about telling the story of where business meets good. She lives in St. Augustine, Florida and is currently pursuing her MBA in Managing for Sustainability at Marlboro Graduate School in Vermont. She has a background in international development and grassroots organizing and is passionate about equitable wages, labor rights and the global income disparity. If you can't find Julie, don't worry. Grab your board and head south on A1A. She's probably surfing somewhere along Florida's coast.