TIME lauds sustainable food leader Bon Appetit Management Company

TIME lauds sustainable food leader Bon Appetit Management Company

Socially responsible sourcing proven at scale for food service


TIME Magazine calls out national food service leader Bon Appetit Management Company's sustainable sourcing practices, focusing on their push for no antiboitics in meat, low-carbon menus and other socially responsible sourcing.

Thursday, August 20, 2009 - 4:00pm

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(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) Sustainable food leader Bon Appétit Management Company’s socially responsible sourcing practices are gathering speed and attracting attention, proving that sustainable food can scale to meet volume and service demands of corporate, university and specialty venue food service.
Today’s TIME Magazine cover story America’s Food Crisis and How to Fix It  applauds Bon Appetit’s commitment as even deeper than retailers known for ethical sourcing, and puts them in the company of thought-leaders such as Bill Niman.
CEO Fedele Bauccio’s seat as a commissioner on the Pew Commission for Industrial Farm Animal Production lead him to write an Op-Ed in which he says there is absolutely no justification in feeding medically important human antibiotics to animals that we eat, and that we must stop immediately.
Openly stated on Bon Appétit’s website are the company’s sustainable sourcing policies, which are in effect throughout the company’s 400 dining facilities in 29 states. The first of these, which establishes a purchasing policy from small-owner operator farms, dates back to the year 1999, long before socially responsible sourcing was the buzzword it has become today.
In 2007, Bon Appétit made a commitment to lower the carbon footprint of its operations by 25% by 2010. The Low Carbon Diet means serving less food from animals that produce dangerous greenhouse gasses, serving more low-carbon options such as vegetables, fruits and grains, and a program to compost kitchen waste and educate diners about food waste impact in landfills. Environmental Defense Fund lauded the company for the Low Carbon Diet in this You Tube video of its 2009 Innovation review.
Working conditions for farm laborers became a concern for Bon Appétit in 2009 when the Coalition for Immokalee Workers hosted Bon Appétit on a tour of tomato fields and worker housing. Bon Appétit became the first food service company to create game-changing fair labor requirements and to demand that suppliers meet these standards to protect worker rights.

Recent programs include a student garden guide and a fellowship program for young college graduates to assess sustainability on farms that supply the company's kitchens.


Haven Bourque
Bon Appetit Management Company