Sustainable Brands New Metrics ’14 Conference Counts the Ways - The Minute

Sustainable Brands New Metrics ’14 Conference Counts the Ways - The Minute

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Monday, September 29, 2014 - 4:30pm


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Sustainable Brands New Metrics ’14, a conference held last week in Boston, was a data wonk’s delight. Just how deep a dive into the world of metrics the conference offered was clear in the terms used in some of the presentation titles. ““ESG and the Credit Rating Frontier.” “The Multicapital Scorecard.” “Fair Trade USA’s New Impact Measurement.” “Quantifying a Product’s Social Footprint.” “Tracking Global Attitudes with the Latest Nielsen Data.” The Social Progress Index.” “The Greendex Results on Tracking Global Trends.” There were enough graphs, charts, infographics, Excel sheets, and bullet point lists bundled into detailed PowerPoint presentations to fill dozens of Web pages. But what else would you expect from a conference co-sponsored by MIT’s Sloan School of Management Sustainability Initiative?

Here’s the big insight from an overview perspective: integrated reporting that includes ESG factors is driving a revolution in metrics—new measurement goals require new measurement methods. At the conference, Autodesk and Impact Infrastructure announced a collaboration to create integrated software solutions for the infrastructure, building, and finance sectors. Their goal is to provide a flexible, accurate, and affordable way to quantify the value of a project’s financial and its triple bottom-line returns. The conference Web site hosts many of the fascinating facts—and the figures they’re based on—that you’ll want to read more about.

I’m John Howell at 3BL Media.

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