Spring News from Straus Communications

Spring News from Straus Communications

Friday, June 12, 2009 - 2:56pm


Dear Friends,


It is exciting, yet humbling, to share the stories of Straus clients who use the power of business to change the world for the better. This spring, we've been busy tapping the power of the media to advance their work. From Bon Appétit Management Company taking a leadership position on farm worker justice in Florida, to Equator Coffees boosting a young Zimbabwean woman named Chido out of poverty and into micro-entrepreneurship, to B Corporations revolutionizing business as usual - our clients inspire and energize us every day.


We've also participated in some of the most important events in the food and sustainable enterprise space, reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. See Fingers on the Pulse below to hear about our most meaningful moments.


Of course, it hasn't all been a cakewalk. The Swine Flu scare, unrelenting recession, and the constant flux of the media landscape have made for a bumpy spring. As pragmatic optimists, the Straus team agrees with green jobs guru Van Jones that "you need a break down to reach a break through." Our clients are truly the leaders working on these important breakthroughs, and we are honored to dedicate our expertise, energy and passion to their work.


Warmest Regards,


Michael Straus, Haven Bourque and the Straus team


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