Sowing Seeds Of Love

Sowing Seeds Of Love

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013 - 5:00pm

CAMPAIGN: Pink Doing Green


Are you good at keeping plants and flowers alive? I, for one, am not. The most successful plants in my home came from a craft store. But I do enjoy planting flowers for others while volunteering. If I’m with friends and family, even better! The opportunity to volunteer at the Mary Kay Nature Explore Classroom was a perfect fit for me, my seven-year-old daughter, and some great Mary Kay friends. 

Working together with the Arbor Day Foundation and The Mary Kay Foundation, Mary Kay Inc. has sponsored 20 Nature Explore Classrooms at domestic violence shelters across the United States. These spaces are designed to spur imagination, creativity and interaction with nature. Studies indicate that children who have experienced violence in the home can be predisposed to stress, anxiety, bullying behaviors and depression. It’s our hope that the healing effects of nature can be felt in the Nature Explore Classrooms, and help survivors live their lives free from abuse. 

Volunteering at a domestic violence shelter spurred a lot of questions from my daughter: What happens at this shelter? Why do they live there? What happened to their home? 

I have always felt that finding a balance between sharing just enough information to keep my daughter grounded while at the same time not scaring her can be difficult. This project was a segway to a much larger conversation about the importance of giving back and realizing that not everyone lives in the same place and in the same way. Thank you to the Family Place for providing an opportunity to volunteer for a few hours on a Saturday morning. You gave us all a teachable moment about sowing seeds of love for others.

Today's blog post is from Kirsten Gappelberg, Mary Kay's Corporate Social Responsibility Manager. A busy wife and mother of two, Kirsten loves including her family in Mary Kay volunteer activities.

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