The Seduction of More

The Seduction of More

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Friday, December 13, 2013 - 8:10am

CAMPAIGN: Ethical and Sustainable Living


As the economy continues to rebound, businesses in our industry seem to be shifting their focus away from cost-cutting, cautiousness, and risk adversity, and turning it towards forward-thinking innovation, disruptive technologies, and new business models.

I’m observing a newfound openness to broad-based change, which had not been present during the past few financially stressful (and arguably less creative) years. I’ve recently heard executives from large building product manufacturers say things like ‘We’re ready for a radical overhaul of internal processes,’ and ‘Our entire product line is ripe for transformation, given today’s green and tech savvy world.’

But there is an elephant in the room. Our economy has been designed to benefit the ‘Seduction of More’ (more money, more stuff, more hours at work so that we can make more money to buy more stuff), where more stuff equals growth. While we’re swimming in incredible, technologically advanced solutions for faster, cheaper, and newer, those solutions are addressing the wrong questions.

We’re stuck in a bad dream of our own making—we’re quickly ascending the ladder of innovation, but we’re finally waking up to the realization that this ladder is against the wrong wall.


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