Safe Water Project: A Report in Photos

Safe Water Project: A Report in Photos

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A truck delivers water to community water tanks on water day, which comes two to three times a week in a “good” week.

Water collection is a family affair.

The trip to and from the water tank can be a long walk for some.

Each household gets a limited supply of delivered water each week.

Each 20-liter jug weighs 44 pounds when filled!

Bleach dispensers are located next to community water tanks.

Families come to the tanks to collect water and dose it with bleach.

Bleach for purifying water is dispensed from blue metal boxes.

Inside the metal housing is a plastic dispenser, which is filled with a dilute solution of bleach; it dispenses a 3-milliliter dose per 20-liter container.

By the time village residents get home, the water in their jugs is safe to drink and use in food preparation.

Thursday, September 19, 2013 - 9:30am

CAMPAIGN: Clorox Safe Water Project

CONTENT: Multimedia with summary

In May 2013, we returned to the four villages in Peru where in 2012 we instituted our Safe Water project, with a film crew. Our goal was to gather video footage to help us document the project in action and help us tell the story of the project’s impact on the communities. While we are working on creating some short videos, we thought we’d share some photos from this filming trip that offer a snapshot of how the Safe Water project works and why it is needed. Be sure to check back again to see the produced videos!

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