Redefining What It Means To 'Man Up'

Jun 20, 2016 5:10 PM ET

Beauty That Counts | The Official Mary Kay Blog

Every year Father's Day becomes more special to me. This year was especially meaningful.  Three months ago my wife and I welcomed our fourth child to our family -- and our first baby girl.  So, perhaps it's because I'm more in tune than ever with the holiday, but it seems to me there was also more fanfare around Father's Day in general this year -- more Facebook posts honoring fathers, more restaurants offering specials, more church sermons about dad. But I feel like I also saw and heard more comments and posts from more men than ever embracing fatherhood and what it really means to be a good dad...and a good man.

Today, Mary Kay is releasing its second video in our effort to redefine what it means to "Man Up" -- in other words, what it really means to be a man.  You wouldn't necessarily think a cosmetics company known for all things pink, focused on enriching women's lives and their entrepreneurial spirit would spend much time or manpower talking about men.  But as part of our goal to be the corporate leader in the effort to prevent and end domestic violence, and all violence against women in fact, we know men play a key role.  For so long, men have only been known as the problem in this issue.  But we also know the "good guys" are ready for something else, something more -- to be part of the solution.

We originally envisioned this video series featuring men who would give the stereotypical answer for what it means to "man up" -- no pain no gain, suck it up, real men don't cry, don't be a wuss -- compared to some more enlightened answers -- when I man up I read to my kids, I admit when I'm wrong, I respect women.  But I think we ended up with a more powerful story.

“Redefine ‘Man Up’”, as we have been calling it, features three amazing guys who each have a unique story, as you'll see, in standing up and speaking out against domestic violence.  Bill Howell is a prominent attorney in Dallas and the father of two girls.  He serves on the men's auxiliary board for Genesis Women's Shelter and Support called HeROs (He Respects Others), and chairs the Conference on Crimes Against Women.

Coach Josh Ragsdale is the Athletic Director and Head Football Coach at South Garland High School in Texas. The father of two daughters and new baby boy, he has mentored countless young men, his students and athletes, on the real meaning of manhood.  His players sign pledges to stand up to violence against women -- to not look away.  Coach Ragsdale's example and tradition have caught on with football teams around the country.

And finally, Pio Del Castillo, who many of us have the pleasure of working with at Mary Kay. He's a skilled and seasoned public relations expert that specializes in media relations. A native of Ecuador, his words and coaching have helped tell the story of scores of women who have overcome tremendous obstacles, including domestic and dating abuse.

I hope “Redefine ‘Man Up’” is as meaningful and moving to you as it is to us.  And we hope it opens some eyes and inspires frank and open conversations.  We dedicate it to all fathers who love their families and have the courage to help redefine what it truly means to "MAN UP!"