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Anthony Gitau on EFPIA Blog
Jun 21, 2016 6:10 AM ET
Anthony Gitau, Country Head of Novartis Access and Familia Nawiri in Kenya

Anthony Gitau is Country Head of Novartis Access and Familia Nawiri in Kenya. In his current role, Anthony Gitau is in charge of implementing and scaling up the two social business programs of Novartis in Kenya. These are meant to empower people living at the base of the pyramid to take control of their health and to give them access to quality affordable healthcare services and products.  Anthony tells his story about his passion for working on affordable access programs on EFPIA Blog:

"I remember when I first really began to understand the necessity of access to medicines in my country, Kenya. Back in 2000, I was a newly-qualified sales representative, the starting point for many people working in the pharma industry. One of the products I was promoting was an antimalarial. As it happened, there was a malaria outbreak raging in my sales territory, the Kisii district – doctors and nurses were overwhelmed, patients were four to a bed, and they had even run out of stands to hold drip bags – these were held up by patients and their families instead.

I was in a pharmacy talking to the pharmacist. An old lady came in and handed over a prescription. As the pharmacist told her the price for the drug, she shook her head sadly, and shuffled out the door...."

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