Passing the Smell Test: Clorox Expands Fragrance Disclosure

Passing the Smell Test: Clorox Expands Fragrance Disclosure

Tuesday, September 23, 2014 - 12:40am

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Earlier this month, Clorox announced its adoption of the Preferred Ingredient Calculator and expansion of its Ingredients Inside program to include specific fragrance components. To provide more insight on this announcement, we caught up with Catharine de Lacy, Clorox’s vice president of Global Stewardship, who leads our global product safety, regulatory, environmental, public health and outreach activities.

Please tell us a little more about Clorox’s recent ingredient-related news.
The Clorox Preferred Ingredient Calculator is designed to help our product developers consider the sustainability profiles of different raw materials and formulations when making decisions about ingredients used in the company’s cleaning products, including an analysis of human health, environmental health and sustainability metrics.

We also announced that in early 2015, we’ll be expanding our voluntary Ingredients Inside program to include fragrance components that are identified as potential allergens by the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety, an advisory board to the European Union. The expanded initiative will list these fragrance components if they are present at a concentration of more than 0.01 percent in the company’s U.S. and Canadian cleaning, disinfecting and laundry products.

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