Operation Hire: A 100-day Veteran Hiring Challenge

Operation Hire: A 100-day Veteran Hiring Challenge

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014 - 9:45am


There’s no argument that supporting veteran employment is a great idea - not only are there benefits to employers, but it’s only just that veterans transition back to a supportive culture - one that helps them transition to a civilian lifestyle. Employment is pivotal in making that successful. Dozens of job boards, resources, and services have been created for the sole purpose of helping this happen, yet the news continues to report on the challenges our veterans are facing in finding meaningful employment. The state of Maryland decided to tackle this head-on, by creating a 100-Day Hiring Challenge. In alignment with the O'Malley Brown Administration's GOAL of Full Employment for Veterans by the end of 2015, the Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs is serving as the lead agency on Operation Hire.  This campaign provides employers with a robust set of resources to get started.  According to their site, “starting June 1, and continuing for 100 days, Maryland employers are challenged to incorporate or expand upon established veteran hiring initiatives.  At the conclusion of the Challenge, employers will be recognized for their participation.

This awesome challenge creates a sense of competition among the companies to ramp up their veteran hiring initiatives, which should create further opportunities for veterans to find opportunities. As of today, over 100 companies and agencies have joined the challenge - an exciting accomplishment!

VetsBridge.com is excited to see the continued attention brought to creating jobs for post-military veterans as well as hopes that this challenge results in meaningful matches between employers and the veterans they hire. If you’re a company hiring veterans, or a veteran seeking employment, using VetsBridge.com (regardless of whether it’s in conjunction with a challenge such as the Maryland 100-Day Hiring Challenge) helps make connections that can lead to a successful career matches. If you’re not a company or a veteran, but know someone who fits that category, we challenge you to make a VetsBridge Assist by alerting them to our service. Again, VetsBridge is always free for veterans, and is free for employers through May 2015.

For more information about this challenge contact: Dana Hendrickson Director, Outreach and Advocacy Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs dana.hendrickson@maryland.gov