Nonprofit Little Kids Rock Expands Music Education in Los Angeles Public Schools with Funding from Six Flags Magic Mountain

5,300 Public School Students to Benefit from Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Financial Support
Sep 8, 2014 11:20 AM ET
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Little Kids Rock students performing at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Spetember 8, 2014 /3BL Media/ -  Six Flags Magic Mountain has partnered with CBS EcoMedia to provide funding to nonprofit Little Kids Rock to help stem the tide of budget cuts and expand their innovative Modern Band program throughout the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD).

Little Kids Rock, the leading non-profit provider of free music instruction, musical instruments and teacher training to U.S. public schools, will utilize the generous funding from Six Flags Magic Mountain to deliver 500 new musical instruments, including guitars, drums, bass guitars and keyboards for use by student music-makers throughout the LAUSD. Six Flags Magic Mountain’s funding will also revitalize and strengthen more than 90 teachers’ music programs.

This partnership will impact an estimated 5,300 public school students and contribute to approximately 60,000 music instruction hours in which public school teachers will run Modern Band Programs. Modern Band music programs teach the popular musical styles of the past 50 years, from rock and reggae to Latin and R&B, among other genres. They complement existing programs such as jazz, marching band, and orchestral music. 

“The team at Six Flags Magic Mountain is proud to be a part of something that brings such joy and meaningful expression to students in the Los Angeles area,” said Debbie Erickson, Director of Marketing and Sales, Six Flags Magic Mountain. “Through our worthwhile partnership with Little Kids Rock, musical instruments are being provided to schools, educators, and students who would not otherwise have the means to obtain them. It’s a great program and we’re happy to partner in this wonderful effort!”

“Little Kids Rock is so grateful that Six Flags Magic Mountain has chosen to support our kids by investing in their education,” said Little Kids Rock CEO and Founder, David Wish. “When I think of going to Six Flags, I think of going to a place to have fun. Now Six Flags is bringing the fun into our schools by giving our kids the opportunity to unleash their inner-music makers!”

Representatives from Little Kids Rock and CBS EcoMedia joined Six Flags Magic Mountain on Saturday to celebrate this unique partnership. Hosts included Nate Anderson, West Coast Director, Little Kids Rock; Paul Polizzotto, President and Founder, CBS EcoMedia; Sue Carpenter, Communications Manager, Six Flags Magic Mountain; Randy Rodarte, Music Teacher of Little Kids Rock programs. Following the remarks, Little Kids Rock students gave a special musical performance on the Sierra Stage at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

“Six Flags Magic Mountain’s funding will enable student music-makers throughout the LAUSD to have fun in school with music!” said Paul Polizzotto, Founder and President of CBS EcoMedia. “Learning to play these musical instruments will instill confidence and inspire creativity in so many students throughout Los Angeles.”


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Little Kids Rock is a national nonprofit that won’t rest until all students have the opportunity to unlock their inner music-makers. The organization partners with school districts to train public school teachers in their innovative curriculum while donating all of the instruments and resources necessary to run Modern Band music programs. Little Kids Rock began as a schoolteacher’s vision to give his students access to music education that is relevant to them while diminishing budgets for the arts made that more and more difficult to do. What began as a single after-school guitar class has since exploded into a national movement that is bringing free, weekly, “Modern Band” music lessons to more than 135,000 public school children due to the efforts of nearly 1,200 teachers nationwide. To date, Little Kids Rock has served over 300,000 students. More info at


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