New, More Precise Electric Grid Analysis Can Typically Help Companies Cut 70% More Emissions with the Same Solar (or Other Distributed Energy) Budget

New, More Precise Electric Grid Analysis Can Typically Help Companies Cut 70% More Emissions with the Same Solar (or Other Distributed Energy) Budget

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014 - 1:30pm

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Boston, MA, October 21, 2014 /3BL Media/ — Energy Points, the source energy intelligence company, has achieved an unmatched level of granularity in automated electricity supply chain analysis, which will help companies reach emissions targets more quickly and get better overall results for their budgets. Those that are planning solar and other distributed energy projects in order to replace the grid’s emission-intensive energy sources have the most to gain. This new network analysis of the grid more precisely pinpoints what resources (and subsequent emissions) from the grid are used in specific locations. Alternative analyses consider these locations to be the same. Companies can now more specifically identify in which of their locations will a solar (or other distributed energy) project cut the most emissions.

“Companies are wasting their money because they don’t choose the locations where these capital-intensive projects have the greatest impact,” says Roy Stein, Energy Points CEO. “How electricity is generated and transmitted results in huge differences in resource efficiency. Until now, the state of the art in the U.S. has been eGrid, which consists of just over 20 regions and looks only at annual averages—this is simply too diluted to make any meaningful business decisions. We’ve uncovered well over 100 smaller power control areas across the country—looking at monthly (sometimes hourly) data—and their emissions vary tremendously within the boundaries that eGrid uses. A company can typically cut 70% more emissions simply by choosing locations that rely on the ‘dirtiest’ electricity, versus the cleanest.” Electricity in these locations has previously been thought to have the same carbon footprint just because they fall in the same eGrid region.

When companies target their emissions-intensive locations first, they will meet their emissions targets more quickly and achieve better overall results with the same budget. Energy Points’ commercial, industrial, and public customers across the globe are already seeing the benefits of this more granular analysis. Alongside Energy Points’ analysis of water, materials, and waste, they are able to strategically improve their supply chain resource efficiency and operational resilience like never before.

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About Energy Points

Energy Points provides the most accurate and precise analysis of energy and resource use in the supply chain. Organizations use its analysis of energy, water, materials, and waste as an effective proxy for understanding and improving their resource efficiency and operational resilience. In particular, these organizations are able to maximize the financial and environmental payback of their renewable and distributed energy, water and other initiatives.

Energy Points analytics is delivered as a SaaS portal or integrated into 3rd-party platforms via an SDK. The insight is actionable, the process is automated, and the solutions are a fraction of the cost of alternatives.