Managing the Pressure of “Shoulds” and Embracing Cultural Differences

Managing the Pressure of “Shoulds” and Embracing Cultural Differences

Friday, October 31, 2014 - 2:00pm

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By Leslie Tse, Global Insights & Foresights manager

Recently, our Asian and women employee resource groups hosted our newest Clorox board member, Esther Lee, SVP of Marketing, Advertising and Sponsorships at AT&T, for a conversation about success in the workplace. Esther touched on a number of topics, including how to manage the pressure of “shoulds” in our lives by developing and maintaining a clear sense of self.

In Esther’s case, she described how her perspective has been influenced by her parents’ experiences as young immigrants. Growing up, she watched as her father, a chemist, experimented with many different pursuits – from developing a hair dye that doesn’t stain fabric, to teaching university students – and essentially always finding a home for his desire to learn. His persistence and staying true to his own passions, Esther said, is what contributed to the True North principle she still holds today.

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