Jeremy Rifkin to Discuss Impact of Scientific and Technological Changes

Jeremy Rifkin to Discuss Impact of Scientific and Technological Changes

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Author Jeremy Rifkin

Tuesday, September 16, 2014 - 8:00am

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SEATTLE, September 16, 2014 /3BL Media/ - Green Builder Media, North America’s leading media company focused on sustainable living, recently announced an upcoming webinar with author Jeremy Rifkin.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014 at 11am PT / 2pm ET, Green Builder Media will host an Impact Series: Game Changers in Sustainability webinar with guest Jeremy Rifkin, author of The Zero Marginal Cost Society. During this complimentary webinar Rifkin will discuss the impact of scientific and technological changes on the economy, the workforce, society, and the environment. 

For a number of centuries capitalism has reigned supreme over many other economic systems. It has played an integral role in the human journey and in getting us to where we are today. However, wowevHowith a new technology infrastructure (The Internet of Things) unfolding, Rifkin explains how the Communication Internet, Energy Internet, and Logistics Internet are working simultaneously to create a giant network connecting everyone and everything. This network has accelerated efficiency, increased productivity and lowered marginal cost across the board and around the world.  The effect this network has had on capitalism is becoming increasingly apparent.

In his newest book, Rifkin writes, “What's undermining the capitalist system is the dramatic success of the very operating assumptions that govern it. At the heart of capitalism there lies a contradiction in the driving mechanism that has propelled it ever upward to commanding heights, but now is speeding it to its death: the inherent dynamism of competitive markets that drives productivity up and marginal costs down, enabling businesses to reduce the price of their goods and services in order to win over consumers and market share. (Marginal cost is the cost of producing additional units of a good or service, if fixed costs are not counted.) While economists have always welcomed a reduction in marginal cost, they never anticipated the possibility of a technological revolution that might bring marginal costs to near zero, making goods and services priceless, nearly free, and abundant, and no longer subject to market forces.”

Jeremy Rifkin is the founder and president of The Foundation on Economic Trends ( in Bethesda, MD. The Foundation examines the economic, environmental, social and cultural impacts of new technologies introduced in the global economy.

Jeremy is the President of the TIR Consulting Group LLC, comprised of many of the leading renewable energy companies, electricity transmission companies, construction companies, architectural firms, IT and electronics companies, and transport and logistics companies. His global economic development team is working with cities, regions, and national governments to develop the Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure for a Collaborative Commons and a Third Industrial Revolution.

Mr. Rifkin is the principle architect of the European Union’s Third Industrial Revolution long-term economic sustainability plan to address the triple challenge of the global economic crisis, energy security, and climate change. The Third Industrial Revolution was formally endorsed by the European Parliament in 2007 and is now being implemented by various agencies within the European Commission as well as in the 27 member-states.

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