Inspired To Enrich Women’s Lives

Jan 31, 2014 9:05 AM ET

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This week’s blog post is by Lorraine Kinslow, Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, from Newtown Square, Pennsylvania.

After a Mary Kay event last year in Atlantic City, I was inspired to enrich women’s lives in a new way. So I asked God to give me the ideas and people I needed. Look out when you ask for something because God will open doors you never imagine!

First, God sent Toni Booker, my friend, unit team member and Mary Kay Senior Independent Beauty Consultant. Toni and I talked about what it really means to enrich women’s lives and what we could do.

As our conversation continued, we talked about The Mary Kay Foundation, Mary Kay Inc.’s 50th anniversary and feeding hungry people. We remembered that The Mary Kay Foundation had awarded a $20,000 grant to the West Chester Domestic Violence Center, located near me. I’d also seen a local supermarket advertising fully cooked dinners for $49.

So we starting putting the pieces together and came up with 50 Faces Feeds a Family. We would donate $1 for every facial we held. Our goal was 50, which would be enough to provide a turkey dinner for the West Chester Domestic Violence Center. Toni and I worked together keeping each other informed and encouraged. Then, it took on a life of its own! God just kept providing the opportunities, and people responded!

I set up a booth at a dance team’s fundraiser. Of course, I displayed the Special – Edition Mary Kay Dance to Life® Eau de Parjum prominently. As women passed by my booth, I asked them if they had received their rose today. Then, I gave them a rose and said, “When you look at this rose, tell yourself you are special.” Rarely, do we hear those words, and they are like water to a thirsty soul.

Many of the women sprayed their rose with the Dance to Life® Eau de Parjum, and they loved the smell! I gave out the wooden roses that look real, but you could give out real, silk, paper or any type of rose.

Then I explained that for every facial I held, I would donate $1 to help feed a local hungry family. They liked being part of such a great cause. So many times, they just need the right occasion.

Another time, I worked at a fundraiser for a five-year-old child who has seizures. When I saw him, my heart melted. I held a facial with his mom, and she told me that she never does anything for herself. I got such joy out of bringing her a little happiness.

Time and time again, God brought people into my life who needed a little cheering up. It’s amazing what a facial can do for women! I love using my Mary Kay business to make a difference on a daily basis in so many ways.

My business grew too! I gained new customers, a potential team member, sold lots of product and had tons of fun.

I’m so thankful for my amazing Mary Kay Independent Sales Director, Ronnie Fitzpatrick, because she is a constant source of positive thinking for everyone in our unit. Ronnie has guided everyone she knows to live the Mary Kay way. I would not be who I am today if God did not design me to be in her unit.