How Safe Is Electronic Recycling?

Aug 28, 2014 10:00 AM ET
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That’s just what two Mary Kay Foundation Ambassadors wondered after hearing about The Mary Kay Foundation’s newest recycling program. Since they both live in Colorado, they decided to visit Waste Management’s facility in Loveland to see for themselves.

So what did Brenda Cooney and Kathy Pfalzgraff find?

It’s Very Safe.

“Waste Management wipes devices clean carefully and completely several times. They use the same standards as used by the Department of Defense.” Kathy

“Before we walked into the warehouse, we had to walk through a metal detector and leave our cell phones behind. Then, we went through the metal detector again when we left — to be sure no employee or visitor takes a device from the warehouse.” Brenda

Waste Management employees really care.

“Waste Management wants to enrich people’s lives. Their services make a difference in four ways: for our environment, the person who donates, the employees who work there and for The Mary Kay Foundation. That just feels good.” Brenda

“The employees go through extensive training to get certifications that other recycling programs don’t bother to get. It’s a very unique program.” Kathy

Nothing Goes to Waste

“Sometimes older phones can’t be resold. In those cases, the phones are taken apart, and the metal can be sold.” Brenda

“I was impressed at how they hand-sort ink cartridges according to type and manufacturer. Then, they inspect for damage, recondition and sell them.” Kathy

Both Brenda and Kathy say they feel a whole lot better about promoting this recycling program to their customers, family and friends now that they've seen the process up close.

Several months ago, Kathy wanted to donate her laptop and actually paid someone to wipe it clean. No more! She feels completely confident in Waste Management’s process.

I’m so glad that Brenda and Kathy could take this private tour to make all of us feel safer as we donate our electronic devices to Waste Management and The Mary Kay Foundation.

If you'd like more information on how to recycle your old devices, check out the details at

Stacy Graves coordinates The Mary Kay Foundation blog. #bestjobever