Green Charge Networks Uses Storage to Smooth Out Peak Demand

Green Charge Networks Uses Storage to Smooth Out Peak Demand

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Thursday, February 6, 2014 - 2:00pm



Although everyone enjoys the numerous benefits of electricity delivered to their home, no one likes to pay the bills. Perhaps that's due to an intuition that energy is inherently free, or maybe we just don't like paying bills. In fact, it's the availability of energy that we are actually paying for, as much if not more than the energy itself.

Many people don't understand the way electricity pricing actually works. Of course, this varies by utility. There is usually a price for energy, plus another price for energy delivery, plus a variety of taxes and fees. There is also, especially in the case of industrial and commercial customers, a demand charge, which is an additional charge for the peak amount of power required at different times of the day. Though this type of charge originated with industrial accounts, it is now becoming more popular for residential accounts as well, particularly with the advent of smart metering. 

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