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Wednesday, July 22, 2009 - 3:00pm

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The Bottom Line of Greenhouse Gases

The Cap and Trade bill was introduced by Representatives Henry Waxman (D-Calif) and Edward Markey (D-Mass), debated on June 26 in the House of Representatives, and was passed in the House of Representatives on a 219 to 212 margin (only 8 republicans voted for the bill). The bill would set mandatory limits on the emissions of the greenhouse gases that cause global warming, such as carbon dioxide.

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Capitalism isn't a Dirty Word (Blogger Monika Mitchell)

It just doesn't work...For everyone, I mean. Not in its pure unadulterated form that is. Okay it works for some, really well. But it doesn't work for everyone in an economy. And until it does, we will have to say it is a failure, for some that is...

For some unfortunate people, "pure capitalism" in all its raw power of free market lawlessness is the bane of their existence. For these folks, capitalism is the reason that they cannot access proper medical care, decent housing, clean water, healthy food, and job opportunity. The "freedom of the marketplace" that locks up capital in the hands of the mighty few is precisely the thing that keeps victims of capitalism turned upside down in society.

Still, capitalism isn't a dirty word. For American entrepreneurs, it is our mantra. It means freedom to innovate and pursue our dreams without government intervention. Ahh! That is a lot of freedom. The only hope is we are worthy of that great responsibility.

Socialism is the new dirty word. The word is bandied around the networks and blogosphere with contempt, fear, and ignorance. Perish the thought that we as Americans, great freedom loving people, should give up our call of "every man for himself" and replace it with something truly foreign like, "every man woman, and child for each other."

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Smiling for Profits
Feeling the shock of a global recession, the tourist industry in Paris is down 17 percent since January 2008. Parisians, often believed to view "ugly" Americans and everyone else with disdain, are being told by their government to "smile" to save the economy.
To counter the haughty image and boost waning tourism, the French tourist board has set up teams of "smile ambassadors" to welcome visitors at the city's popular sites. Like everything the French do, their recent foray into ''smile tourism" is done with style and panache. Last Sunday, the Place Vendome, home of the world famous Ritz Hotel, nearby Tuileries Gardens and the fashionable Rue de la Paix, was the setting for hundreds of roller skaters forming a giant smile to welcome visitors.

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Harvard Business Review Pushes the Edge!

Harvard Business Review continues to breakaway from the traditional business mindset, much to everyone's surprise. Late June of this year editor Steve Prokesch commended Jeff Immelt on his very unique point of view, especially for a CEO, in "Finally, A CEO Speaks up on How to Renew America." Immelt spoke of America needing radical change, business and government letting down Americans, and how business and government working together to turn America into an exporter could help save our economy.

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